🚨Presale Stage 1 Extension 🏝🐷🏝


Just when everyone thought the fun was about to end, the piggy gods have blessed everyone by allowing piggies to continue joining the voyages to Presale Island for an additional week! The more piggies that join us on Presale Island the more fun we will have!

Stage 1 Presale Extension

The team has decided to extend stage one of the presale by an additional week.

This means that piggies have the opportunity to load up on additional $iFANS tokens at the lowest price possible of 1 $BNB = 1200 $iFANS. Please note, the price of $iFANS tokens will increase with each subsequent presale stage. Last chance to get your friends involved in the grandiose treasure hunt over at Presale Island!

Upcoming Marketing

During the first week of our presale we have raised a whopping 26,000$. We’re expecting our outreach to significantly expand over the near future due to all the exposure campaigns being organized.

  • In the upcoming (extended) week the following marketing events can be anticipated:
  • Official piggy-themed website revamp
  • Launch of our own creator/influencer promotion programme allowing influencers to sign up to promote us and receive rewards based on how effective their promotion is.
  • Facebook and twitter ad campaigns
  • YouTube video by DeFi Trader

Additionally, we are looking to release our first Pitch Deck publicly for all investors to be able to see a summary of the project in a well-organised and easily digestible manner.

In case you’ve missed it….

Here’s a reminder in case anyone has missed our previous announcement:

Purchased presale $iFANS tokens, regardless of being whitelisted or not, will follow the same vested-release schedule:

25% at the end of presale stage 6 followed by 15% monthly for 5 months­



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